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our history



/ The Company Was Founded

 Since 1998 ALBIMI company deals with the develoment, Design and installation of bicycle types and sizes. ALBIMI operates with a team of professional departments in the design, development, production, marketing and sales, with prepared team, wich are able to serve with dedication, high liabilit, taking over the pleasures of life of citizens, and increase love for PILOT bicycles.

IMG_1248Production line

/ Consistent Standard

ALBIMI is commited to establish a consistent standard in the field ofe cycling, based on our most valuable brand equity "PILOT", wich is created by the team by the team and our joint work.


/ Creative Solutions

ALBIMI wil always seek creative solutions to address a sports challenge, to achieve tangible results, practical and modern. We will always bring the most innovative designs in step with the local, Europian and global markets.
Determination will guide our work towards innovation, the latest methods to more advanced technologies.


/ Continued growth

Continued growth accompanies our company expand operations further by specializing more and more in the field of cycling as a special discipline of our health.